About Judith

Judith (Sita) is a sought after passionate professional bellydancer and tangodancer, dance coach,organizer and judge from The Netherlands.

She lived in Latin American countries like Argentina, Chile and in Asia, India. Nowadays she lives partly in The Netherlands and Spain.

Therefore, she has a strong background in Argentinian Tango and Flamenco. Now, she is unique in her country and one of a kind at this level.
Her style is known for being elegant, classic and with lots of expressions.

The last years she performed around the world and wherever she goes her workshops are well attended and she is highly appreciated by her students.

In Nepal she was part twice of the “International Dance Festival” and lately she performed in Thailand, at “Raks by the Sea.
Lately she organized the ‘First bellydance holiday in India”

The last years Judith was on TV, danced with her group in theaters and festivals. To bring bellydance to a higher level, she was the first one in the Netherlands to introduce bellydance to a larger public, combining bellydance with sports, called ‘Bellymoves”.

Nowadays, she is famous for her dance coaching/teaching, workshops and she dances tango fusions as no-other!

Language courses

Apart from dancing she teaches Spanish to promiment companies like, KLM, Rai Congress Centre, NH Hoteles, Endemol Productions.

For KLM she works for Inflight Services and Cockpit, where she prepares for the Spanish Oral exames of Elycio Languages.